Asynchronous standups and time-tracking.

Another meeting that could have been an email?

Have teams in remote locations and daily meetings are getting tough to co-ordinate?

Looking for a tool to log time and generate timesheets?

Well, BoffinBot is the perfect solution for you.

Timesheet command
Asynchronous standups

Conduct standups for your team on Slack and post responses on channel for your team to stay up-to-date. Even better if your team is remote.

Punch IN/OUT

Logging in your time is as simple as typing IN/OUT. You can also let the bot know if your are going for lunch or just a casual break.

Timesheet reports

Download your team's timesheet reports easily in CSV or view the reports directly on your dashboard.

Report command

Team management

Assign Office and Department to your employees.

Track time for your employee(s) belonging to specific offices/departments.

Generate reports specifically for office/department/employee.

Multiple clients and projects

Working for multiple clients and projects at a time? No worries.

Punch IN/OUT for the client/project your are working on and switch easily.

Generate timesheet reports and see the number of hours you have worked on each one of them.

Punch IN command
Super easy to use

The bot will guide you at every step, it is as easy as typing in and out. Type help if you are stuck at any point.

Interactive dashboards

Making it easier for your admins to be on top of things with intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards.

Download reports

Just provide a date-range and the reports are ready to download in CSV for your process them offline.